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For my Big 35th Birthday in August 2012, I decided to throw myself a party in my home... inviting some of my closest girlfriends.  I thought it would be a fun idea to offer "wraps" during my party, so I called upon my good girlfriend who was beginning her independent distributorship with 'It Works!'.  Mostly everyone indulged in an "Ultimate Body Applicator" [or two] that night, including me!  While I did not see a dramatic loss in inches with my post-wrap measurement (probably due to me drinking my birthday wine instead of the suggested water. lol), I did find a slight, but noticeably firmer tone with my skin after the 45-minute wrap on my belly and thighs.

After the party, I felt I should continue to give this "Crazy Wrap Thing" a try, so I became a Loyal Customer.  Eight months later, I could truly attest that these wraps WORKED and they played a big part in my busy-Mommy fitness regime. I was definitely a product of the product!  As a part-time model, I often wrapped myself just before photo shoots and runway shows, to help fit the (usually one size too small) wardrobe a bit better.  It was also nice to wrap before that special event, wedding or night on the town. While I do stay active by playing volleyball, taking yoga classes... I do have those stubborn areas where the wraps help tighten and tone! As a Mommy of two small children, my tummy area has nearly gotten back to its pre-baby state, thanks to the product!  The loose skin that remained around my belly button tightened and the Mommy pouch firmed back up. And, what great detoxing benefits these herbal wraps have. These wraps feel great on, are mess-free, all-natural with botanically based ingredients (which was oh-so important for me) and are easy to apply on yourself at home. 

I am excited to now be an independent distributor, as I believe that much in the product. I knew too many friends and family that could use this product, NOT to become a distributor. To my fellow Mommies, fellow models, fellow athletes, men & women just looking to improve upon your body and overall health, you must give these wraps a try!  

Please don't hesitate to contact me for information on trying your first wrap (it's easy, it's affordable). Click "SHOP NOW" above to place your order today! Did I mention the amazing and high-quality supplements and skin care line that It Works offers, as well? Yep, I use most all of our products and am a happy customer.

Interested in becoming an independent distributor and adding another stream of income to the mix?  I'd love to have you on my Team. There is definitely some money to be made by this booming, flagship, one-of-a-kind, first to market product called the "Ultimate Body Applicator". 

#TeamWrapMaven is on the move! Join Us.


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